Release steps

These are the steps to release a new version of Easegress.


Let’s suppose that the next version is X.Y.Z. Then new tag is vX.Y.Z (note prefix v) and new release title is easegress-vX.Y.Z. Please collect all Pull Request’s that will be mentioned in and in the Release Note.


  1. Create a Pull Request that updates release version X.Y.Z in Makefile and adds the new version to Include significant changes, implemented enchantments and fixed bugs to Once the PR is reviewed and approved, merge it to main branch.
  2. Create new release note at with release title easegress-vX.Y.Z, click Choose a tag and add new tag vX.Y.Z. Write the Release note. You can use the modifications written to in previous step. Follow the same format, as previous Release notes. Once written, click Save draft.
  3. New tag triggers Goreleaser Github action. Follow up that it creates and uploads successfully all binaries and Docker images.
  4. Ensure that the release note created in step 2 contains the command to pull the new Docker image.
  5. Edit the release note create in step 2, and click Publish release.
  6. New version of Easegress is now released! Notify everyone to check it out!